Mobile Sandblasting Sydney

Most existing surfaces can be abrasive blasted to remove previously applied paint or membrane coatings.

The process of mobile sandblasting in Sydney can be carried out on both internal and external areas.

Existing painted buildings, walls, plaster surfaces or membranes can be effectively blasted to remove the old surface and prepare for the application of new finishes.

Here are some of our Mobile Sandblasting projects we specialise in:

Paint Removal

For existing brick and render surfaces that require renovating or resurfacing the abrasive blasting process is the most effective and time efficient way to prepare the surface to enable any new finishes to be applied for a permanent solution.

There are all types of brick and rendered surfaces that have been painted with various coatings over time.

To enable the resurfacing of these areas it is important to remove the old coating by abrasive blasting to ensure the new application will bond permanently to the underlying surface.

mobile sandblasting for paint removal

Timber Blasting

Timber that have been previously painted, stained and even fire damage can be sandblasted to remove the old coatings leaving the original timbers as new.

The blasting process is used extensively in old warehouse type buildings where it was usual to construct with heavy hardwood timbers used in the roof trusses, posts and beams.

Blasting of timber will remove many years of old paints bringing the original wood back to life.


before and after timber blasting

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Sandblasting provides a cost effective answer for old pool interiors requiring renovating.

It will quickly remove old paint and key existing marblesheen and quartzon type finishes to provide a stronger bond when resurfacing the pool.

Steel Abrasive Blasting & Painting

Impact Group has many years of experience with abrasive blasting and sandblasting in Sydney to all types of steel plant, equipment and structures.

We blast to all surface specifications to guarantee the surface is correctly prepared for the application of the new coatings.

To provide a one stop solution for our clients we offer a complete service for the application of all types of paints and protective coatings.

steel sandblasting and painting done on-site


Decorative Finishes

All types of concrete surfaces can be sandblasted to produce various finishes depending on the job requirement.

From a light blast to give a smooth velvet finish to heavier blast producing the exposed aggregate look.

With the use of steel stencils any type of pattern can be etched into the concrete surface.

mobile sandblasting for decorative finishes

Surface Preparation

Any surface needing refurbishment will require removal or surface preparation.

Impact Group can provide a solution for all job requirements including chemical removal, abrasive blasting and UHP water blasting regardless of how many layers or how long the coating has been on.

surface preparation by sandblasting


Maintaining existing plant & equipment is essential to keep it in good working order and adding to the lifespan of the asset.

Sandblasting will remove existing coatings, rust and contamination at the same time preparing the surface ready for the application of a new coating.

Impact Group, that excels in sandblasting in Sydney also apply a comprehensive range of protective coatings from industry leaders Dulux and Jotun to protect the surface from further corrosion.

machinery mobile sandblasting and paint stripping

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