Steel loses its loadbearing capacity at temperatures in excess of 550°C during a fire; therefore structural steel protection is required to preserve the stability of the building structure.

The application of intumescent coatings creates an expanding protective shell to the steel during a fire preventing the loss of structural integrity to the building.

What is Intumescent Coating

An intumescent coating is a paint-like material that is inert at temperatures under 200°C. However, intumescent coatings react with high heat temperatures – swells and forms a char layer that covers the steel.

Structural steel loses its load-bearing capacity at a temperature above 550°C during the event of a fire.

It’s important to invest in fire protection for structural steel – the most sought after form of steel fireproofing being intumescent coatings.

With an intumescent coating from Impact Group, you’ll preserve the stability and integrity of the building structure as it creates an expanding protective shell that slows the temperature of the steel from rising to a critical level during a fire.


Our Intumescent Coatings Service in Sydney

In operation since 1993, Impact Group has been at the forefront of providing Sydney businesses with high-quality intumescent coatings for structural steel – helping to prevent surface damage from potential fires.

We’ve also invested in the best range of intumescent coating products to ensure safe, durable and reliable steel surface finishes.

Coatings are applied directly to beams, columns, channels, angles and hollow sections to provide fire protection for steel structures.

The products that we use are completely eco-friendly. That means zero pollutive impacts on the environment. We’re therefore happy to confirm our 100% compliance with the OHS.

It’s important to note that intumescent coatings can be applied both onsite and offsite.

If the intumescent paint is coated offsite, the connection bolts and plates will still require protection once the steel structure is erected on site.