This is where lead paint removal services from Impact Group is the ideal solution.

With the use of specialised equipment and products, all lead-based paints can be successfully removed without contaminating the area or damaging the underlying surface.

Chemical Lead Paint Removal vs Abrasive Blasting

When comparing chemical paint removal techniques to the use of abrasive blasting the former is a safer option where there is no dust formation, and the surface isn’t as damaged using abrasive blasting.

When you opt for chemical paint removal in Sydney from Impact Group, all layers of paint are removed, layer by layer.

There is no harsh force applied to the surface and it is dust-free. Once all the paint layers are removed, you get back to the original surface just as it was, when it was initially built. The surface is restored and lead-free.

What Sets Impact Group Apart?

  • We hold a class 5 certification in lead paint management
  • We are a team of licenced lead paint removal specialists
  • We remove lead-based paint to keep you, your family and employees safe from the potential health risks of lead poisoning

Lead paint was widely used across Sydney before the 1970s. Due to its high levels of toxicity to human health, it remains a recurring issue in many old homes and commercial buildings today.

Paint coatings that contain even a trace amount of lead can be a great health hazard when the paint starts to chip.

If you’re aware that your home or building has been coated with lead paint, it’s important that the lead paint coating is safely removed by professional lead paint removalists to prevent health risks.

Our Paint Removal is Safe and Non-Toxic

lead paint removal from a ceiling

Impact Group is one of Sydney’s most experienced and reliable lead paint removal contractors.

Servicing many industries across the Sydney region, our highly-trained lead paint removal contractors can remove the paint while preventing the ingestion of dust, paint chips and fumes given off during the removal process.

We utilise a non-toxic, eco-friendly paint removal system that effectively removes lead paints from residential, commercial and industrial sites.

We also comply with Australia’s health and safety regulations and guidelines throughout each project to protect our painters, clients and the surrounding environment from potential lead poisoning.

Our Lead Paint Removal Services in Sydney

If you’re looking for a blasting contractor to get the paint removed, our staff are highly equipped, experienced and trained in the safe practices of how to remove lead paint.

We’re proud and confident to guarantee a safe working environment, and ensure that zero debris of lead paint will be left present within the air or on the ground after our work has been completed.

Lead Paint Poisoning - What You Should Know

toxic lead paint professionally removed

Unborn and young children are especially vulnerable to the effects of lead poisoning because their brains and nervous systems are still developing. They can suffer from behaviour problems, lower IQ levels and delays in both mental and physical development.

While lead poisoning can be treated if found early, any damage that it has caused is not reversible. Lead paint poisoning can occur over months and even years of exposure.

The removal of lead paint is necessary to avoid these long-term health issues. Symptoms of lead poisoning can include abdominal pain, sleep issues, aggressive behaviour, irritability, fatigue, memory loss, and kidney dysfunction. If you suspect someone may have lead poisoning, call your doctor immediately.