pool restoration and resurfacing

Pool surfaces are constantly exposed to water damage and chemicals.

When it’s time to resurface your pool then sandblasting is the best option to ensure the new interior will last for many years.

Swimming pool sandblasting services are applicable to a wide range of commercial and private pools including:

  • Private residential swimming pools
  • Public and Municipal pools
  • Commercial pools

Swimming Pool Resurfacing and Restoration

Maintaining a swimming pool in great condition is about more than just keeping the water clean.

All pool coatings deteriorate with time. This decreases the visual appeal of a swimming pool and its cleanliness.

A poor pool coating can also cause serious problems such as leakages.

When a swimming pool’s coating starts to peel and fail, simply reapplying paint is not a viable option.

The best solution is a carefully planned restoration project including on site sandblasting before any further work is done.

During the sandblasting procedure the pool surface is treated with a high-pressured stream of abrasives to remove the old coating and provide a clean surface ready for the new interior application.

Choose Impact Group for Your Pool Restoration

Impact Group NSW has been providing abrasive blasting services in the whole Sydney region since 1993.

With over 30 years of experience we are one of the most trusted specialists in the industry.

We have developed a strong reputation of providing high quality sandblasting services.

We pride ourselves in being 100% compliant with OHS standards.

Our solutions are safe, provided by trained teams and environmentally friendly.