Commercial and Domestic Abrasive Blasting Services

In operation for 25 years, Impact Group is one of Sydney’s most trusted commercial and domestic abrasive blasting and protective coating specialists.

Over the years, we have developed a reputation for delivering quality and reliable services.

At Impact Group, we offer high-quality workmanship and eco-friendly abrasive blasting solutions that will help restore your surface back to its original condition.

At the same time, we ensure zero impact on the surrounding environment or on the health and safety of your employees.

Our high-performance abrasive blasting technology used in each project can be used within a wide range of civil, commercial and residential construction and renovation sites.

In fact, we have successfully completed hundreds of projects across Sydney and NSW over the last 25 years.

With our advanced abrasive blasting equipment, you’re guaranteed to receive reliable, safe and effective solutions.

Our Commercial Abrasive Blasting Services in Sydney

Any surface requiring a good refurbishment will need a removal or surface preparation.

Our commercial blasting procedures can tackle any surface, from timber and fibreglass to concrete and steel.

What makes our commercial blasting services different amongst many blasting contractors around Sydney is that we offer the greenest solution possible across a wide range of commercial industries without compromising on quality or pricing.

Our Domestic Abrasive Blasting Solutions

At Impact Group, we always exceed our customer expectations; leaving them with a restored surface that is ready for further preparation.

Our domestic blasting solutions are aimed at removing old surface coatings and materials, dirt and grime, contaminants, toxic chemicals, paint, rust, graffiti, soot and the list goes on.

Taking great concern for the environment, we maintain full environmental control on your residential property throughout all domestic blasting processes and ensure to capture and get rid of or recycle any debris.

In complying with the OHS, there is no silica in the garnet we use.

Some of our other Residential and Commercial blasting services include:

And many more!

What is Abrasive Blasting?

Abrasive Blasting is also commonly known as "Sandblasting", however, it is important to note that using sand for blasting is banned across Australia due to health reasons.

Abrasive blasting is a high-pressure cleaning technique used within the commercial industry and for many residential projects.

The technique is highly effective for getting rid of tough unwanted surface contaminants, graffiti, paint, worn and torn surface materials, and many more.

During the process, an appropriate abrasive media is blasted at a surface through a blast nozzle and hose at a high velocity using compressed air.

Of course, the abrasive used depends on the blasting requirements and surface being blasted. Hence, we utilise various abrasive materials (media) to carry out different blasting projects effectively.

Depending on the surface material and blasting requirements, the blast impact can be adjusted to light, medium or heavy.

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